What is Founder’s circle and how do I get in? — Loyalty program explained

MoonRock Casino
Apr 11, 2019 · 3 min read

As announced in previous post, our explaining department has finally delivered a simple explanation of MoonRock Casino loyalty program, which bring some exciting benefits to our loyal astronauts👨‍🚀👩‍🚀.

Those benefits are determined by different statuses, which can be achieved by our unique Proof of Gamble (PoG) protocol and also with various other activities on our platform.

Status and bonuses explained

Every astronaut that register on MoonRock Casino will automatically receive the status of player. This status alone will give you referral bonuses of 3% for 1st level, and 1,50 % for 2nd level referral, on their earning from PoG and other tasks on platform. Receiving MOON tokens has never been easier before, so go ahead and spread your affiliate link around.

But wait, there’s more. Much more! As a player, you will also receive 3% cashback from your own losses. While this feature is currently unavailable, as we are still in the process of acquiring casino licence, you may want to tell your friends about us, because you will not only receive cashback from your own account, but also 1.50% cashback on your referrals activity! And this is only the beginning…

Getting to the higher status can be achieved not only trough PoG, but can also be done by inviting new astronauts to join and play on MoonRock, as you get rewarded for each new active member. 10K of MOON tokens (worth just about 10 USD) per every payer does sound great, right 😉.

When you reach higher and more prestige statuses, you will be entitled to even more referral bonus and up to 20% cashback! Oh, and there is also the Founder’s circle…

⭕The Founder’s circle⭕

Secret entrance to the Founder’s circle

There is no blood sacrifice, or eating a bunch of weird stuff like actions required to get into our Founder’s circle. But wait, WHAT is this Moon Rock Founder’s circle all about?

Well to explain it in simple words — it’s the highest level of our loyalty program. Like with other levels, you get a specific cashback percentage (20 % 😁) and cashback on your affiliate users as well (15%). But there is also one really exciting benefit of being in the Founder’s circle.

All members in the circle will be invited to participate in the MoonRock Casino equity pool, where 10% will be shared among members. You read that right, you can become the co-owner of online casino! Childhood dream come true, right 😉?

But to enter the Founder’s circle, you will need to be one of the best. One of 100 best to be exact. While sharing is caring, we think that sharing our equity should be limited to only the best of the best of our astronauts. Getting to the top 100 may not be the easiest task, but we promise, it’s worth it!💰

We welcome feedback from the community and are open to collaborations, so feel free to reach out!

Join us on the journey to the moon:

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