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#ForYourInformation with Amanda

The sanitary context has changed not only the economy but also human relations, especially with third parties. Amanda, our sales representative, speaks about the evolution of commercial relations and the new expectations of partners and customers.

You have a very relational job, how do you continue to create links with future partners in a context where contacts are either forbidden, limited or at a distance ?

However, it may be necessary to make an extra effort to create and maintain regular opportunities for contact.

In the last year, we all felt a kind of distance in terms of exchanges, how do you think companies have adapted to this not-so-new way of communication ? (only Zoom, teams…)

At Moonshot Insurance for instance, we have welcomed further new colleagues remotely, and they have instantly become part of the family. There are some best practices for getting to know them and getting them on board, and it may not be as nice as face-to-face, but I would honestly say it works very well.

Did your way of approaching commercial exchanges evolve lately ?

Does being in a startup make this process more agile and quicker ?

Would you say that companies are now more cautious or expect more from salespeople before a partnership ?



Moonshot Insurance is an Insurance-As-A-Service platform offering contextual B2B2C insurance with a 100% digital experience

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Moonshot Insurance

Moonshot Insurance is the pioneer Insurance-As-A-Service insurtech providing B2B2C contextual insurances products with a 100% digital customer experience.