From Saastock to SAAS NORTH — SaaS Events are scaling up around the globe!

In 2011, Marc Andreessen, (then on the board of Hewlitt-Packard) declared that software is eating the world. Fast forward 5 years and Forrester reports that the global SaaS market is currently a 141 billion dollar industry. With the exponentially growing number of SaaS companies, revenues, and customers it’s natural for there to be an increased demand in #SaaS related content and networking.

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed the emergence of SaaS related events to feed that demand. The SaaS community is hungry to knowledge share, learn, and network with other industry professionals. SaaStr annual launched in the US in 2015, Saastock happened in 2016 in Dublin, and SAAS NORTH is set to take place November 30-December 1st, 2016 in Ottawa.

We’re entering into a new era, the SaaS era, it’s here and it’s moving with momentum. Not only do we need SaaS events, we need regional specific events. Why attend SAAS NORTH or Saastock vs SaaStr? The opportunities and obstacles that different regions experience, are unique to them. We can obtain high level learnings from attending a large event like SaaStr, but when we want to get into the details and talk about tactical content specifically tailored to “my needs as a business”, we need to get local. Saastock offers a perspective and advice that is specific to the European SaaS market. SAAS NORTH is built for Canada. The numbers and metrics discussed are Canadian and the topics are relevant to Canadians. Saastock is building a European SaaS hub and SAAS NORTH is the Canadian hub for SaaS.

If it’s in your budget, attend all three, but if you really want content and networks that are most relevant to the success of your business, commit to your region. When we build an ecosystem designed to unite all Canadian SaaS companies, we get recognized on a global scale as a country that produces SaaS success stories.

Hope to see you at SAAS NORTH.

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