Take a look at the SaaS tools being used by SAAS NORTH

What’s a SaaS conference without a selection of handy SaaS tools? Whether you’re looking to provide a seamless customer experience or aiming to improve productivity, there’s a plethora of tools available out there. The key is to figure out the right balance, it’s about understanding the added value of SaaS products beyond it being a “cool” technology. For those of us specializing in SaaS, it’s easy to get carried away with signing up for every new service out there. We’re early adopters, we’re on most beta lists, and we’re always searching for something new. When putting together your SaaS tool belt, think about what you really need.

  • How is this service going to benefit this project?
  • Will it save time?
  • Will it save money?
  • Will it keep us organized?
  • Will it provide a better customer experience?

Here’s what’s on the SAAS NORTH swiss army knife:

  • Wrike — productivity, there’s a hundred moving parts at any given time and wrike keeps us on track
  • Calendly — meetings, meetings, meetings! Carve out time in your calendar for work and make meeting slots available online
  • Medium — Content that’s easy to publish and gets read
  • Goodbits — easily curate your content and get that weekly round-up to your subscribers
  • Hubspot — email automation, nuture campaigns. Save on the manual labour, automate, track, and analyze your email data
  • Slack — so many teams and so much conversation, declutter your inbox by taking the conversation to Slack
  • Outlook — the most robust email provider out there and even a great app to manage your outlook and gmail
  • Google drive — collaboration on documents, a great work in progress resource
  • Skype for Business — video conferencing and screen sharing are a must when you’re working with people around the globe
  • Uber conference lines — we all need a go to conference line for our phone meetings and it works on web as well
  • Picatic — event registration, seamless for registrants and a breeze to manage
  • Buffer — so much socializing, keep all the social chatter in one place

What are your favourite SaaS tools?