Searching for a State of Zen

As a part of the recent renovations to Barkley’s headquarters in KC, two smallish rooms were set aside on the fourth floor. These rooms, known as the zen rooms, serve as a place to focus, meditate, or nap. Just flip the switch for the ‘occupied’ light, pull the blinds, and say ‘om’. The only problem: it was impossible to know if there’s an available room without going going up to the fourth floor and checking yourself. We at Moonshot have a personal vendetta against unnecessary physical activity, so we got to work.

Our solution: make a Twitter bot, @CanIZen, that tweets the current status of the rooms, accurate to the minute. The account only shows one tweet at a time. Very zen, right? The next time you need to take a break, just check Twitter. No more unnecessary cardio.

If you’re into the technical nuts and bolts inside our zenbot, we made an Instructable for you. You can also check out the code on GitHub.