A list of leadership and management articles I’ve hoarded these past six years

Growth in leadership is part experience, part mentorship, part reading, and part reflecting. Below is a collection of articles (★ = must reads) that have made the biggest impact in my career of leading design teams. Oh, and if you know of any other good reads, please send them my way!

North stars, vision planning, roadmapping, purpose

Communication and storytelling

Deconstructing team ops, dynamics, maturity, and culture

Curing (or treating) meeting-itus and other inefficiencies

When shit hits the fan (a.k.a. How to be a good decision-maker)

Leading design and product teams

Being effective at working with individuals

On agenda

On approach and empathy

On career and skill development

On performance-related feedback

Nurturing potential, mentoring, apprenticeship

Burnout, demotivation, and stress

Self-growth and sharpening all those “leadership” soft skills

On going from good to great

Quick tips to being better at the job

On why leading is so damn hard

Amplifying and elevating the less-heard

Management and Org systems

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