Entrepreneurs Are Prisoners

The World Sucks at Entrepreneurship

Today’s Entrepreneur: The Gladiator

Today’s entrepreneurs are Gladiators

Thrown into the ring. Forced to pick their weapon before the beast is revealed. One man against the pack. Until last man standing. It is a survival of the fittest game. A game fun to watch. Glorifying the winner. But most lose. The Romans knew it. That’s why they only let their prisoners do the fighting.

Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: Turtle Formation

Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are Turtles

The Romans played a different game. One of fit for survival. Where each man was trained to maximize the power of his abilities. Together. In a structured formation. Impenetrable. Where each man wins without the next man losing. Making bigger futures for those they fight for. This is the way Romans fought. This is the way they constructed viaducts, roads and cities. This is the way Romans built their empire.

Is it time?

Is it time to let go of the Gladiator entrepreneur? Is it time we stop wasting time, money and lifetimes on the last man standing? Is it time to make fit for survival entrepreneurs?

Your views can change the game. Comment, share and bring the fight to your court.

Kenneth Winther is the Founder & CEO of Moonwalk — turning challenges into startups in 100 days programs. Start in your spare time, learn by doing, earn ownership.