How to solve a $6 trillion problem with $100

While others discuss who should put up the $6 trillion to build the power-grid for Sub-Saharan Africa, Pawa solves it with $100.

The Problem

People in rural Africa spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours each year to acquire their daily need for power.

The planet’s wealthiest are now conspiring to lock in this trillion dollar opportunity of providing a monopoly power grid. African nations are hesitant to yield.

In the meantime, Chinese crap products are flooding the markets and discarded. A few sell integrated products intended for specific use (light or mobile charging). Some promote expensive solutions to power peoples homes.

The real need of Africans are mobility of power and an income.

The Solution

Pawa was developed on the ground. By Kenyans. With industrial design and tech capabilities from Norway.

Pawa leapfrogs costly grid infrastructure and builds the power grid of people, not copper. Each Pawa customer becomes a consumer and a potential producer and trader of electricity. A proporietary power system bringing value from the first customer. More capital efficient than any known alternative approach. And purely solar powered. A platform for infinite power. Because real power comes from each individuals opportunity to enrich life and earn an income.

Pawa is not a suite of products. It is the new power grid of Africa. A 600 million people market with substitute cost of 40% of household income. Pawa is cheaper. More versatile. Mobile. And generates new income for its customers. One by one.

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What trillion dollar problem are you solving? And how?

Kenneth Winther is Founder & CEO of Moonwalk. He turns epic challenges into stellar companies to improve 1 billion lives. He shares the work, bills, and ownership with the crowd.