Proving 6 Startups In 100 Days

The minimum viable journey of designing and proving startups

After 100 days of creating startups solving challenges within learning and education, our team at Moonwalk is ready for the next part of the journey: designing and proving our startups. We will prove they can make it with the resources we can access, in the market we can address and being economically sustainable.


From the previous semester of 100 days there are now 6 startups who made it to this semester. Despite their differences, they all approach challenges within learning and education:

Instant Startup. The online A-Z tools to make no-money-down successful growth companies.
Infinity. Disrupting the learning resources industry so you can be your best.
Amigos. We make learning social again.
Professor Watson. The real-time artificial intelligence assistant.
Cubiq. From Hand to Mind Physical learning resources.
Stories. Crowdsourced vivid stories of people, places and events.
Moonwalk Astronauts of semester #02

Instant Startup

With the liberty to choose what startup to work with, I chose to work with Instant Startup because I believe in the freedom given to people, when learning how to start your own business — your own work — your own life. With Instant Startup we want to “reinvent” how you start a business, making it easier for everyone. We also want to “reinvent” why you start a business, starting with a purpose and your passion.

On the team with me I have Ondrej Pekarek, a bright minded talented man, experienced with logistics and project management for startup consultancy. His experience helping entrepreneurs succeed is a big advantage when designing our startup.

Astronauts and Innovators

Ondrej and I are what we call Moonwalk Astronauts, meaning we meet up for 7 weekend sessions at Moonwalk HQ in Oslo using the Moonwalk process to progress our startup. Online we have onboard our 4 wonderful Moonwalk Innovators, a role for team members who are working remotely reviewing and improving our work — extending our resources and insights. For each startup there are now 2 Astronauts, and 2–4 Innovators.

The Astronauts of Instant Startup

Flight 1 — Why, Who, How, What

On the very first flight of this semester our task was to understand the purpose of our startup, formulate our mission and uncover the challenge we turned into this startup in the last semester. Then we started designing our customer, making a sketch of who is in need of our startup. This is an important first step of our 100 days of designing and proving, to understand every aspect of the customer.

This was tricky but very rewarding, as we discovered not only entrepreneurial minded people need Instant Startup — also everyone who wants a positive change in their life. This is the beginning of something big.

Follow my experience as a Moonwalk Astronaut in the next coming 100 days sprint to reinvent learning. The Moonwalk Astronaut Blog

Want to join the startup adventure?

My name is Marcus, Moonwalk Astronaut #032

I will take you through the Moonwalk experience from the eyes of a participant.

I’m an optimist and explorer on a journey to improve learning for a more joyful planet.

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