Atlas Shrugged — Timeless tale of the struggle between two realities of society

After five years, I have finally had the time to read this classic on my mini sabbatical.

While I felt guilty on my vacation reading this novel, the principles and philosophy of objectivism resonated with me. It left me ready to live with some semblance of John Galt’s ideas.

Yet I’m left confounded on how we can move the world towards of direction of objectivism, traders of value and self-interest. As readers, you are met with the thoughts on whether you are one of those who are enabling people who ‘want to have the cake and eat it too’, and reality of what can you really do about it…

How and what would of a strike of able people be in our society?

Perhaps our world is not as damned as the novel. However, the encroaching populist movement and the sense of entitlement across all groups of people leaves me concerned that the sturdy bedrock of capitalism may crumble if swung to hard in one direction.

That being said, hopefully enough readers of this book will help tilt the world in the right direction. Question is however, what side are we really are on?