Graph Theory, Anti-Fragility and Metaphors

In graph theory the `connectedness` of a system is based on the smallest # of vertices you can remove from a graph before it becomes disconnected.

It’s a simple concept that intuitively makes sense, the more built in redundancies you have within a system the more `connected` and therefore more `resilient` it is to shocks that displace vertices.

This intuition helped me make a connection with a Anti-Fragile by Nassim Taleb that I’ve been pouring. One of his central arguments in the book is that it is impossible to build a system that account for all risks (shocks), so instead a system should focus on building redundancies.

Similarly, when we are learn new concepts we should build redundancies through the use of metaphors. There are many instances that we can forget an important piece of a concept, but if there is a metaphor attached the general concept it can help lead us back to that understanding.

It is only fitting then that Graph Theory, Anti-Fragility and use of Metaphors are redundancies of each other.