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Announcing the Moonwell Ambassador Program!

What is the program?

The Moonwell Ambassador program is a community driven initiative that seeks to empower users to participate in protocol development, while also earning rewards for their contributions. An active community is not only key to the success of a project, but also an avenue of opportunity for those who wish to invest more than just their crypto assets.

This program will allow users to create materials that benefit the ecosystem, further emphasize the values of Moonwell, and provide users with the opportunity to gain some experience in the blockchain community. Users will be able to host events in the community, have closer access with the team, and learn more about borrowing and lending in DeFi.

What are the goals?

The goal is to bring together and strengthen the community around the core values of Moonwell — education, awareness, and promoting the development of alternative financial systems. Additionally, we want to create an ecosystem that thrives by creating and allowing users to express themselves and feel part of the community. This would allow users to gain experience by working on projects directly, and gaining visibility with their work by providing them with meaningful tasks in order to motivate them and encourage development.

This will be accomplished by an effectively structured program, with a leaderboard and “task lists” that allow users to complete tasks, and earn points which can be put towards various rewards: participate in ecosystem grants, spend points at the swag shop, receive airdrop gifts, special discord roles, and more.

Regular events and opportunities to contribute and interact with the Moonwell team, partners, and each other, would bring the community together and also keep an ongoing level of excitement and activity within the community for users to routinely contribute.

What are the benefits?

Ecosystem Grants


Creative endeavors awarded with a WELL/MFAM grant, determined quarterly based on proposals by the community nominating top contributing users, as determined by the community.


Development grants awarded with a WELL/MFAM grant, determined quarterly based on individual projects, assessed by the Lunar Labs development team.


Quarterly fundraising and grant towards vetted and community voted charities.

Access to Team and Partners

Interact with the team and various partners through events. Connect with the team or other high profile projects through community AMAs, and gain a more in depth understanding of the ecosystem and blockchain industry.

Building Relationships

Meet like minded people, make friends, and do cool things together.


Redeem points in the swag shop so you can get the latest merchandise and gifts to represent your love for the Moonwell project and community!

Gaining Experience

Gain valuable experience by collaborating alongside a leading project in the Dotsama ecosystem!

Who are we looking for?

DeFi users of every type that are interested in contributing to a community, especially in the borrowing and lending corner of the DotSama ecosystem! These users will be passionate, positive, self-starting, collaborative, and willing to help each other grow.

There are no limits to skill sets, or experience levels. Anyone is free to contribute, however, activity levels will be monitored. Users that do not contribute or are inactive within a certain period of time will have their role removed and be required to re-apply and start over.

Program Structure

First rank: Apprentice

  • Just starting out in the Ambassador program
  • Must already be active in the Discord community
  • This is the initial appointing when approved
  • Learning their way around the ecosystem

Second rank: Specialist

  • Has established themselves within the community
  • Has created some content that is actively used within the community
  • Focuses primarily on specializing within their chosen field

Third rank: Lead

  • Is a leader within their respective community (regional, etc)
  • Helps coordinate and manage events
  • Helps train Apprentice and assists Specialists as needed
  • Point of contact for the team to distribute information and coordinate information sessions with their communities


Users can specialize in as many fields as they want, but it must be earned. “Lead” positions are nominated by the individual specialty sub-community, and voted by users within the specialty itself. For example, “Creative Lead” is nominated and voted on by “Creative Apprentices” and “Creative Specialists”.

User Support

Provides support for moderating, following up with technical support, following up with information regarding proposals submitted, following up with user questions for the team


Create infographics, social media graphics and templates, memes, stickers and fun creations, Youtube video content, new merchandise designs, and more.


Create social media content such as informative Twitter threads, blog posts, infographic research, and more.


Provides constant monitoring, expanding, and updating of Documentation for users and developers.


Provide support for proposals, ensuring the proper workflow and information is captured for the team as well as following up with anything missing.


Provides support and assistance for developers wanting more information on integration with Moonwell — creates tooling, ad-hoc fixes, and useful utilities for the community.


A new list of challenges are issued to the community with a theme each week. Users can submit their creations and receive points. Each submission will be granted a base set of points, but 3 submissions will be voted on by the community to receive bonus points.

These points are redeemable quarterly, where awards will be distributed to the highest points acquired within the quarter. Grants will be awarded only after a proposal is made by the community nominating top 3 quarterly users for their contributions.

Alternatively, users can also use their points to acquire merchandise from the swag shop.

Challenges are submitted before the deadline, reviewed, and assigned the appropriate points.

Ambassador points are tracked through a spreadsheet that is maintained, based on genuine user submissions.

Examples of tasks and events

Community AMAs

Host regular AMAs with the Moonwell team, as well as researching our partners and hosting an event with them.

Twitter Thread Blast

Users create a thread based on a weekly set of topics. For example, one week could be discussing xcKSM, or XC-20 Assets, in order to align the community with core team marketing efforts.

Informative Creation

Creating blog posts with step by step tutorials, Infographics that provide comparative information, Youtube overviews that discuss the latest updates and features of the protocol, etc.

Meme Competition

Creating new stickers for Discord and Telegram, memes to share, and more.

Workshops & Info Sessions

Hosting informative sessions around a community voted topic. Being able to bring in an expert from one of our projects to be able to do a short session on cyber security, smart contract development, economic simulations, and more. Creating content derived from these workshops.

External Outreach

Initializing community level co-marketing and collaboration efforts, for example: a PvP tournament in Moonsama, or hosting a community driven charity event (such as MOVR Places), etc.

Does this sound exciting to you? Apply now!

Click here to apply to the Moonwell Ambassador program! Be sure to also join our Discord and follow our social media channels below.

About Moonwell

Moonwell is an open lending and borrowing DeFi protocol on Moonbeam & Moonriver. Moonwell’s composable design can accommodate a full range of DeFi applications in the greater Polkadot and Kusama (DotSama) ecosystem.

Main website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Documentation



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