One can never be sure if the king of the forest is tripping on mushrooms or drunk on fermented fruit.

This was set out to document real life corruption, fraud and weird in Helsinki.

No one could have fathomed how weird things would get or how unbelievable and so, these stories were stamped out across three books. Gonzoish things. Forgotten things. In the process we also discovered another lost book by an author or academic and then that became part of the thing we had been saddled with.

The pieces in

  1. Corruption

are real true stories involving real people. Possibly their real names too. Because after a while of being threatened and defrauded by people, you lose any sense of giving a serious fuck. Unless stated everything tagged with this is real.

2. Tales From The Mouse

Stories here are semi-fictionalised things from the book. The prose might be different. The stances might change. The Mouse was a largely immigrant bar the writer used to frequent. It is hard to find and not spoken about very often. Few Helsinki people will know where or what you are talking about.

3. Reviews

It is not all crazy. Helsinki is still filled with some wonderful things. Here we cover restaurants, pubs, museums, interesting places and other bits and pieces.

4. Cultural Errata

Here goes everything else. Bits of Finnish history, anecdotes. That sort of thing. Interesting things, parts of research, all that. Sometimes maybe with a humourous swing.

5. DGH

Don’t Go Home is a section based on writings by friends on Ireland. The pub scene, the alternative and tattoo scene and some of the weird and fucked up people who inhabit its little kingdoms. It is placed after the About section as it is part of a different publication largely just resting here.

One or two sections may be added later.