Poster by david brooks

The BIG Calzone

Kale shakes and jelly beans, blood, sweat, and tears

Written, shot, edited, and submitted in less than 77 hours for The National Film Challenge.

Poster by: Valentino Valdez
The BIG Calzone
The BIG Calzone (Official Trailer)

Let’s make a movie San Diego

A call for head shots, and for volunteer filmmakers who wanted to help us make a movie in three days (with less than a week’s notice).

Tonight we make a movie

This is pretty much just me being all nervous and shit.

We made a movie San Diego

Movie trailer, movie poster, and introducing—The Big Calzone. #thebigcalzone


Written, produced, and directed by Dan Zelikman

Story by Chris Cantore, David Brooks, and Dan Zelikman

Directors of Photography, David Brooks and James Gregg

Edited by David Brooks, James Gregg, and Dan Zelikman

Director of fight choreography, James Gregg

Starring, Chris Cantore, James Gregg, Tyler Stender, Taylor Hay, George Jac, and Debbie Britt-Hay

Production team, Roodi Zuhair (camera), Kim Perkins (boom mic), Shannon L. Arrant (props and costumes), Shilo Arrant (props and costumes), Andrea Covert (makeup), and Renee Lawson (coordinator)

Also starring, Paul M. Fisher III, Andrea Covert, Tim Deegan, Roodi Zuhair, Renee Lawson, Nina Hanon, Robert Hanon, Vasi Hunton, Mariana Y. Mendez, Chan Park, Ayleen Velazquez, Andres Velazquez

Special thanks to, San Diego Combat Academy, Kyle Bolt, Stephanie Crawford, Bill Crawford, Tiger Smalls, U~T San Diego, and Leon Leybs

Photo by: Roodi Zuhair
Dan Zelikman (Director) working with Chris Cantore (Lead Actor) and David Brooks (Director of Photography).
Taylor Hay (Cal’s daughter, Lena) on the set of The Big Calzone
Head shot Tetris. Trying to write a script. 2:03 a.m. Saturday morning. 70 hours to go.
David Brooks (DP) setting up the opening office shot.
The Big Calzone tweets, who knew?
Filmmaking memorabilia.
David Brooks (DP) setting up the fight scene crowd sequence.
David Brooks (DP) working with Kim Perkins, our sexy boom mic girl.
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