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Moral Kaleidascope

Volume 4: How Much

How Much

“How much for the little girl”-

A drunken breath proclaims.

Silence follows- how to respond to that seemingless question

How much-I have a value?

A thousand heartbreaks my brain cries-

A thousand tears and endless sorrow.

Not love just fear

Fear that shakes my body- wracks my brain

Sir I am not a little girl. I cannot be purchased.

My worth is endless. My worth is nothing.

“How much for the dying woman” you should say

As I have gotten older, I have become more acutely aware of the automatic objectification I am expected to tolerate daily. After one particularly upsetting experience during which I was asked, “how much” for an evening, I composed How Much. My understanding of the rudimentary vile nature of this interaction has grown in tandem with my levels of tolerance. The normalization of women receiving similar words everyday is absurd yet seems like a casual experience when contextualized.

Conversation and interpersonal interaction have always been at the pinnacle of my learning. While this person was entirely irrelevant and I have forgotten any identifying feature about him, his words and the inflection he used have been burned into my mind. The vile way this sentence was composed with complete disregard to my persona represents implicit gender discrimination that exists within many individuals’ psyche.

The implicit idea that a woman can be purchased is absurdly degrading and can spark personal insecurity in any individual as they question their worth. Because this experience felt so jarring, it is an easy example to demonstrate the existing misogyny in modern society.



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