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What is MoraSpace Discounting Period?

And why it’s the perfect opportunity to accumulate merits.

But first, what are merits?

Launchpad, Merits and Bounty Sidepot

For every successful rocket hit, player accumulates peace merits. Players can buy rockets from different launchpad. There are 4 launchpads in MoraSpace. The sidepot is awarded to merits generated from the same launchpad as the winning rocket.

Picking Launchpad

Bounty sidepot is divided proportionally to the amount of merits the player has at the winning launchpad.

Note: The Hero won’t receive this sidepot. So if they purchased many rockets from 1 launchpad to win the jackpot, the removal of their merits when the payout is calculated will significantly increase other players’ percentage of the sidepot.

Bounty Sidepot Payout Formula

Merits used here are understood as merits from the winning launchpad

Player’s payout = Bounty Sidepot x [Player’s merits / (Total merits — Hero’s merits)]

Accumulate Merits Quicker with New Rocket Types

Three different rocket types

During the discounting period, all rockets are 50% off!

  • Tier 1: 100% accuracy, 1 merits, 0.001 > 0.0005 ETH
  • Tier 2: 75% accuracy, 5 merits, 0.003 > 0.0015 ETH
  • Tier 3: 50% accuracy, 12 merits, 0.005 > 0.0025 ETH


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