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Morclean designs a way to physically install complex cleaning systems when a site visit is impossible.


Although staff wellbeing is the highest priority, businesses have faced many complex operational challenges, in an attempt to keep functioning successfully during the pandemic.

Many face to face situations have been replaced by online solutions but some things simply cannot be replaced by a virtual, digital experience.

For example, some vital equipment still has to be physically installed to enable key industries to keep going. These include many items normally supplied by Morclean, not only in the UK but in overseas locations.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions, cancelled ferries and flights plus quarantine regulations and restrictions on site access mean that the way we usually do things is impossible.

The challenge

We needed to find a way to continue installing wash bays, canopies, wash pads and water treatment facilities without our engineers being physically on site.

On the face of it, this is a bizarre suggestion. Morclean equipment is highly technical. This is not like installing a domestic washing machine.

The solution

Morclean set up a task force with the specific brief to overcome this problem.

The response was unprecedented but extremely straightforward for the client.

Drone footage, satellite location technology and 3-D imaging were all introduced into projects where possible, making the process of assessing and scoping the work possible remotely.

Next, some systems were totally redesigned, in a modular format, with components separated into smaller pieces, making transportation feasible by a third party carrier.

On top of this, some items were supplied ready piped and fitted out, meaning they could be all be plugged in or fitted together by a local contractor.

Some of products were ‘containerised’ in special plant rooms designed and fully fitted out by Morclean — containing jet washers, pumps, control panel, compressor, water treatment, lights, sockets etc.

These containers are simply lifted onto a lorry at one end and lifted off at the other. Connecting to power and water is all that is needed.

To ensure all these innovative products are assembled and installed without a glitch, the Morclean designers produced electronic instruction manuals and video tutorials and even online training for subcontractors.




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