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Micaela Martegani, Executive Director, More Art

Shawn Escarciga, artist, Director of Special Projects, More Art, Brooklyn

Shona Masarin-Hurst, Curatorial Director, More Art

Madison Markham, Communications and Programs Assistant, More Art

Candace Thompson, artist, land steward

Betty Yu, artist, educator and activist; Brooklyn, NY

Jeff Kasper, artist, professor, UMass Amherst

Jessica Wallen, American Planning Association

Silvia Rocciolo, Arts & Culture Professional, New York, NY

Catherine Grau, artist and cultural worker

Maria Niro, artist, Un-War LLC, Manhattan

Judith Rubenstein, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Sari Carel, artist and activist, Brooklyn

Kirk Gordon, SCAPE Landscape Architecture

Alain Groenendaal, marketing consultant, Morningside

Micaela Giovannotti, art curator, certified health coach, Brooklyn, NY

Nathan Hunter, Bronx based educator and land steward

Ketter Weissman

Clarinda Mac Low, artist, arts worker, Culture Push

Justin Wong, composer and performer, arts administrator, The Shed, Chinatown

Mary Mattingly, Artist

Serena Trizzino, Art Advisor

Jim Furlong, Director of Arts, Hudson Guild

Margaux Caniato, Marketing Strategist, VP+C Partners

Jennifer Dalton, artist, Brooklyn NY

Amy Andrieux, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA)

Kemi Ilesanmi, The Laundromat Project

Caron Atlas, Arts & Democracy and Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY

Kate Shaw, Brooklyn, NY

Brooke Anderson, Citizen

Rejin Leys, artist and art educator, Queens

Cora Fisher, Cultural Worker, Brooklyn, NY

Pablo Helguera, artist

Allison Freedman Weisberg, Recess

Jennifer Wright Cook, The Field

William Powhida, Artist

Roderick Schrock, Eyebeam

Shaun Leonardo, Artist & Co-Director, Recess

Radical Evolution Performance Collective


Alejandra Duque Cifuentes, Executive Director, Dance/NYC

Jacqueline Herranz Brooks, Artist and educator, Queens

Tessa Grundon, Artist

Amy Ritter, Artist, Brooklyn NY

William McAllister, Columbia University

Randi Berry, IndieSpace, Indie Theater Fund, Queens NY

Erin K

Prerana Reddy, Artist & Community Fellow, Recess

Priscilla Stadler, Artist and Educator, Queens

Nick Giordano, DEI Specialist, Brooklyn, NY

Jenny Polak, artist

Jodi Waynberg, arts administrator, Artists Alliance Inc.

martha rosler, artist and resident, brooklyn

Álvaro Franco, artist, Bronx, NY

Martha Henry

Andreas Petrossiants, writer and associate editor e-flux journal, Brooklyn

Rory Golden, artist, 40 Ann Street, NY NY 10038

Shimon Attie, Artist, New York, NY

Noah Ortega, artist & educator, Queens, NY

Annie Kurz, artist, Queens, NY

Robert Weickel

Ford Phillips, artist, Brooklyn, NY

Susan Sandler, More Art board advisor, Manhattan

Martha Bone, artist

Carin Kuoni, curator and editor, New York

Esther McGowan, Executive Director, Visual AIDS

Annie Del Hierro, community-engaged visual artist and educator, Brooklyn

Kim Cullen, Executive Director & CEO, New York Live Arts

Lily Honglei, artist, Queens, NY

Johanna Ottolinger, Mort Art Board, NY Employee & Citizen

Lucas Acuff, Brooklyn, NY

Yasin Ozdemir

francesco simeti, artist, Brooklyn NY

Elaine Caldwell, Brooklyn, NY

E. Fran, musician, Queens NY

Sara Parkel, printmaker, Queens, NY

Monika Wuhrer, Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn

Lyla Ribot, artist, Brooklyn, NY

Jamie Mirabell@

dominika ksel, artist, rockaway, ny

Amanda Alic, Fuse Works, Brooklyn

Anthony Goicolea, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Cianne Fragione

Floor Grootenhuis, Artist

Young Min Moon, artist, professor, UMass Amherst

Robert Raphael, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Bridget Bartolini, artist, oral historian and educator, Queens, NY

Eriola Pira, curator, Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Chamberlin

Nathalie Anglès, Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn

Marisa Tesauro, artist

Lydia Shestopalova

Audre Wirtanen, Hyp-ACCESS, Brooklyn

Reverend Darryl Mabe Queens N.Y

Wanda Lowerre-Caruso

Jason Compere — Brooklyn Housing Development / International Village Development

Kathleen Hazard

Ashana Maharaj

Lisa Bateman, artist

Harley Spiller, artist and Ken Dewey Director, Franklin Furnace Archive

Fabienne Lasserre, artist, Brooklyn NY

Nina Meledandri, artist, Brooklyn, NY

Kristen Doty, Brooklyn, NY

K. Jarmon, artist and art educator, Brooklyn, NY

Chris Peterson. Union Stagehand and Artist. East New York, Brooklyn




More Art is a nonprofit organization that supports collaborations between professional artists and communities to create public art and educational programs that inspire social justice.

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More Art

More Art

More Art creates thought-provoking public art projects and educational programs that inspire broad discourse around social and cultural issues.

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