Would you sell what you do not buy?

Denise Rocha
Aug 28, 2017 · 3 min read

Believing in what you are selling makes the difference between a good marketing and a trustworthy one.

For the ones that choose to follow the “evil” advertising career, reflexions on professional ethics have possibly crossed their minds at any moment along the trajectory as marketers.

In fact, some misunderstanding has been happening in the marketing field. The idea that a talented professional is able to sell anything — even a non-working pen — (yes, some companies use this strategy in recruitment) is just a foolish presumption.

Actually, as a human being and also as a professional of communication we have the duty to stand by social and personal principles.

Stand for your convictions

As a whole, people are guided by moral principles. Don’t leave it out for any money or position. Please, bear in mind I am not talking of personal opinion or taste.

Specifically, principles are the inflexible beliefs you have.

You may be thinking now, — “Easier said than done!” — Anyway, in my own experience, I faced moments when it was necessary to defend an individual position for a greater good. Occasionally, it was done by refusing to work with some brands, companies, products. Or even, reporting directly to the company the improvements that should be made.

Once it is done, as a high-principled professional you might be helping not only to build the company’s brand but also reinforce its values.

Incorporate purpose into your Marketing Strategy

Purpose is what moves companies, professionals and customers.

Why are you selling this product? — In which sense that service can make the difference in someone’s life? — How can it make my customer’s life better?

Whereas you truly believe in the purpose of design a campaign it becomes easier to produce something creative and trustworthy at the same time.
Furthermore, the great news is; customers are positively responding to brands that show their beliefs. Transparent communication creates connection and empathy.

Do not mislead your customers

If the message you are creating isn’t real it would not stand up for long. What I mean by “real” is substantially faithful in tangible and meaningful instances.

Professional integrity is not negotiable.

The right approach for a professional is to be engaged in a genuine dialogue among company and customers to create a link connecting the company’s purpose and the customers’ desire. As a result, it will be easy to find out which values must be explicit in products and services likewise implicit in the brand’s communication.

Straightforward, what people expect from you as advertising professional, a marketer and above all, a human being is a personal integrity. Just do the right thing.


Instead of trying to find the right answers for all our questions, we should make the right question “Why Not?”

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Instead of trying to find the right answers for all our questions, we should make the right question “Why Not?”