Are We Really So Disconnected?

Many people believe that this world is more disconnected than ever, and they believe that social media is to blame. After all, how can a group of people who seemingly never put down their cell phones have time to speak to one another? I, on the other hand, believe that social media has the ability to connect people all over the world. Think about it. Some of the most popular social network site show you posts not only from your own followers, but from other popular people all across the globe. For instance, Instagram has the discover page where you can find photos of people the app thinks you may know based on those who you follow, along with some of the most liked pictures on the app, and even includes small groups of videos chosen specifically for you based on things instagram has noticed you’ve liked. Instagram’s discover page has led me to people I know personally but just don’t follow, as well as people i don't know but have a lot in common with.

Twitter has the ability to connect people via retweets, because you never truly know where a popular tweet is going to end up. A relateable or comical tweet has the ability to garner thousands of retweets, and if the right people find it a tweet someone made in california has the possibility to effect someone all the way in Pennsylvania. Also, if you want your tweets to be linked to a subculture on twitter, you can use hashtags. A popular twitter hastag arose last week on Valentine’s Day, #WeMetOnTwitter, which is a prime example of people from different part of the world connecting online and finding love.

So yes, while I do believe this generation does need to learn the value of face to face coversations with one another, I do not agree with the idea that we are completely unconnected. Without social media, I for one, would have a much harder time staying in touch with my friends and family while away from home at college .Social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat has given people the platform to connect with one another from any distance, and stay connected.

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