Are you currently being tracked?

If you have any type of social media, specifically Facebook, you may have noticed that sometimes on your newsfeed you will see a question appearing at the top saying “Are you currently at ________________?” And then you are given the option to click yes or no, while also being reassured your answer won’t be posted to your timeline. I used to not think twice about answering these questions, because I thought I was just helping Facebook out. But lately I’ve been thinking about how creepy it actually is. How can such an app literally know my every move before I even know? Can we trust a corporation, such as Facebook, to know where we are at all times?

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes sharing my location with Facebook can be helpful. It can lead me to all the right restaurants, and places I need to go with just a click of a button. Last spring I tagged Disney World in one of my photos via Facebook, and was able to reconnect with an old friend who now lives down there because she saw my post. And lets not forget about this new safety feature Facebook has introduced just recently, that allows anyone to report they are safe, or “check in” with Facebook if a disaster were to strick in the location they are in. To me, this was an awesome thing for Facebook to enable, and would not be possible for them to do if they were not able to “track” us.

So whats your stance on this issue? Does the good with being tracked through social media outweigh the bad? Is it worth it?

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