Communication and Social Media

Social media has had a huge impact on communication over the years that it has evolved. I can go on and on about the variety of different ways that it has, but for now I am just going to focus on a couple of them. The main ones that have stood out to me since I have been on social media are: avoiding confrontation, the amount of people you are able to communicate with all over the world, and the freedom of saying exactly what you want to say.

It is so easy for people to confront others over social media, but a lot harder for some to confront in person. Social media makes it so easy to type something up in a Facebook or Snapchat message, and send it. This for a lot of people is a huge relief because they don’t actually have to see the person they are confronting if it is something negative. With Facebook specifically, it makes it so easy to connect with people all over the world which can be a really cool thing. This is a positive thing for many reasons whether it is a connection for a future job, or just a connection with a potential future roommate. The freedom of speech is very present in the world of social media. People say what they want to say, with no hesitation a lot of times. This allows people to a lot of times have no filter, which can later cause drama or make people mad depending on the post and how it relates to certain people.

Social media has truly changed and even affected most everyone’s lives nowadays. While I only focused one only some of the reasons of how communication is affected, I could go on and on. Communication is seen on social media and used differently by every person every single day.

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