Creating New Social Media Sites

Every few years there seems to be a new social media site that takes the world by storm, but how does this happen? How does a new social media site all of a sudden just blow up? How does someone even come up with the idea to create the new social media site?

There does not seem to be an exact formula or step-by-step guide to have the next new social media site. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter all seemed to just blow up over night. I remember the first time I heard about twitter was my freshman year of high school. I was required to have an account to get updates about when practice and games would be for my lacrosse team. I am not really sure what happened from there, people just seemed to get on after that. I remember telling my friends about it and then they started to create accounts.

I have googled a lot of things about how twitter and other social media sites gained popularity and nothing really seems to come up. Twitter, had the news outlets that sort of set them apart from other sites. But sites like Instagram seemed to just blow up overnight with little to no warning.

There are blogs that give “7 steps to creating the next big social media site” but those are not guaranteed to work at all. There is really no formula to create the next big thing, it just sort of happens. There is no telling what site will be the next big thing. Social media sites seem to come and go, and someday twitter will be replaced by something more popular, we just do not know what it is yet.

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