Facebook Live

Many social media sites are utilizing videos to have people interact with each other. Facebook is trying to combate stories on snapchat, and going live on Instagram. So Facebook live is reaching more viewers because people typically have more Facebook friends than on other social media sites. Facebook live can be used for lots of things, and they’re typically longer than a quick snapchat or a person going live on Instagram. Facebook live seems to be for tutorials, people possibly ranting, or even cute videos of their kids. It can be used for endless amounts of things. It’s for people to be more interactive on social media without actually being face to face.

Facebook live has an overall good reaction from Facebook users, unlike other live aspects of social media sites the facebook live video is up permanently instead of deleting itself after it ends or 24 hours. You can see who likes your posts or comments in real time, the highest point of viewers at the time of going live and you can watch it after the person signs off. It’s another way of putting your life out to the world to get feedback, whether it be positive or negative.

It seems as if some people don’t understand that if you are participating in a crime you most likely shouldn’t put it on social media. Facebook live has been used in some recent media where a young boy gets kidnapped and abused and it is all posted on facebook live. Another recent incident is of a young girl being attacked by 5 males and them posting it on facebook live. An interesting aspect of these crimes being posted on social media is that some of the viewers just watched the video and did nothing. It speaks a lot to where we are as a society that someone post a live video of someone being attacked and people just watch and do nothing.

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