How social media has impacted my life positively in college

As a very busy college student it can be very hard to stay connected with the “real world”. I have found social media to be a crucial tool in connecting me with the outside world. Especially, when I feel trapped in the University of Kentucky bubble. I feel more connected to pop culture, world news and my family and friends through social media.

Social media is a great tool to stay connected with pop culture. I have learned about all of the celebrity news through my social media apps in particular Twitter. I follow entertainment news accounts like E! News and US Weekly that keep me up to date with multiple posts throughout the day. I learned about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s shocking divorce through Twitter and then followed hashtags to read other people’s reactions. Social media also allows me to stay up with the newest trends in fashion or new sayings. Instagram is a great place to see what fashion trends are on the rise in people’s photos. VSCO is also very helpful for this since it is more of a trendy photo social media site. Pop culture videos also go viral on this sites where new sayings are coined for example the “cash me outside how about dat” girl went viral from her interview on Twitter. Social media makes me feel connected with the changing world outside of me with a quick scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social media also keeps me connected with worldwide news. I would never pick up the Sunday paper or watch the nightly news due to a busy schedule. Social media helps me feel connected with worldwide news. I read through the Twitter news section daily since it is an easy fast way to stay connected. I keep up to date with the Syria situation and other world news for example terrorist attacks or natural disasters. Overall, I believe it is important to keep up with world news since this turns into our history and keeps us cultured.

Lastly, social media helps keep me connected to family and friends especially since I am at an out-of- state college and live more than three hours away from most family and friends. On my birthday, many of my friends and extended family posted on my social media sites and it made me feel loved. My extended family always tells me how they love seeing my posts on what I am doing in college through pictures and posts. I also love seeing how my friends are doing in either high school or college.

Overall, I feel more connected through social media. It has allowed me to stay connected with pop culture news, world news, and stay close with family and friends. I am thankful to social media for these reasons.

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