How to get likes on Instagram

In this day and age social media is incredibly popular, and it seems popularity can even be based off social media. Based off the most popular social media account holders you can find some commonalities that could get you a boost in likes such as, posting with a celebrity, a cute kid or a selfie with lots of editing. All I know is based off personal experience you don’t need any of these, you just need an animal.

What shocked me about some of the most popular instagrammers was that there were no pet pages. Most people are even creating social media pages specifically dedicated to their animal friends. When someone gets a new pet, especially a puppy, all your friends on social media can’t contain themselves. Personally I follow a lot of the pet Instagram accounts, and they usually are the highlight of my day. If you’re one of those people that’s looking for a pick me up in your Instagram likes, simply find a puppy and just take a quick selfie.

It’s no secret that cuteness can create a spike in your Instagram likes. If I compare my average likes for my Instagram photos to the pictures I’ve posted with animals in them, there is usually a lot more likes on the picture with the animal. Cuteness can create likes for lots of reasons, the most obvious being that animals especially younger ones are adorable, they can put a smile on your face if you’re having a bad day, and usually you have to stop scrolling through your feed because you can’t skip over puppy dog eyes. Social media in general appreciates cuteness, which is why there are lots of accounts dedicated solely to animals or even a specific animal. So next time you’re thinking about upping your likes on Instagram grab a cute pet and post away!

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