Is Social Media Hurting Athletes?

Every athlete dreams of making it to the pros one day. They have worked hard to perfect their craft hoping to hear their name called on draft day. However, with the popularity of social media in society today, are athletes hurting their draft stock because of what is put on social media? All of the hard work these athletes have been putting in to get drafted could all go away because of social media. This can be because of a post by the athletes themselves or of a post from another person that involves the athlete. Most recently talented athletes have been in trouble because of what was posted on social media. For example, last year on the day of the NFL draft Laremy Tunsil, a projected top 5 draft pick, had his social media account hacked. A video was posted of him smoking Marijuana, which is banned by the NFL as well as illegal in most states. This post cost Tunsil millions of dollars as he fell out of the top 5 in the draft. He slipped in the draft but was eventually taken because of his pure talent on the football field, although many still questioned his character. This would have caused him even more problems had this video been leaked while he was already in the NFL. Because it is banned by the NFL, Tunsil would have been suspended and fined. Yet again Tunsil would lose a lot of money because if you don’t play, they won’t pay. Athletes need to be very cautious at what they put out on social media, as well as what other people post involving them. This not only saves the athletes a lot of money, but it also saves their character because no one will judge them because of one thing on social media.

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