Politics on Social Media

With social media taking over the American culture, opinions are becoming one of the most popular thing for people to post about. People of all ages are turning to different forms of social media to share their opinion and express their thoughts and feelings. While that has always been the purpose for social media, it has become more frequent, aggressive and negative.

After what may be the most controversial election our generation has ever been apart of, people turned to social media to celebrate and complain. I started to notice how negative my feed was becoming and it started to turn me away from social media.

I am all for people sharing their opinions and using social media as that forum, but I am not for people being attacked when they have the opposite opinion. I not only saw negative posts, but when people posted something about their opinion, people would comment some of the nastiest things on their post. It started to seem like no matter what you did, you were wrong, and nothing positive can come from that.

Due to the negative posts on social media, I have left all forms of social media. I realized it wasn’t doing anything good for my life and that it only left my angry or upset. I know a lot of people have taken the same steps, or just unfollowed several people due to their social media behavior. I think social media becoming a place for opinions is only going to decrease their usage for the future. I think there are still several benefits to social media, but the negatives outweighed the positives.

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