Social Media and Politics

Social media has become a large part of many people’s lives today. A great deal of people even check and post on social media websites multiple times a day. Numerous celebrities use social media to announce new developments in their lives. In the United States, social media has filtered into almost every aspect of life, and that does not disclude the use of social media to address serious issues like politics. In light of the recent election of President Donald Trump, many people have expressed their thoughts towards him and the election. People used many forms of social media to address this election. Facebook and Twitter have become highly political, and some people even use Twitter as a credible news source. Not only do people use their social media profiles to express their political views, politicians also participate in many social media sites. Donald Trump, for instance, is a consistent user of Twitter and Hillary Clinton also used her Twitter account during the race. Many of Trump’s tweets have stirred up public opinion. Here are a few of those controversial tweets:

@realDonaldTrump: “Interesting how President Obama so haltingly said I “would never be president” — This from perhaps the worst president in U.S. history!”

@realDonaldTrump: “@CNN poll just hit 49% for Trump. Interesting how my numbers have gone so far up since lightweight Marco Rubio has turned nasty. Love it!”

@realDonaldTrump: “It’s the Democrats’ total weakness & incompetence that gave rise to ISIS — not a tape of Donald Trump that was an admitted Hillary lie!”

@realDonaldTrump: “Don’t believe the main stream (fake news) media. The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it.”

Though tweets like these are highly controversial and extremely opinionated, the President has a right to express himself through social media, just as we do. We are able to use social media to share what we want to share, be it content that others agree with or not. Social media allows everyone who wants to participate to express their right to free speech, and these tweets are just an example of someone exercising that right. We may not all agree with everything we see on social media, especially political opinion, but each user is allowed to state their opinion, and that is progress.

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