Social Media Take Over

People always joke about how social media is taking over our generation, and this day and age for that matter, but are they actually wrong? It seems that nowadays everywhere you look and turn people are no longer having interpersonal interaction for lack of missing some update on Facebook or a post on Instagram. No one can go to a museum, the park, or on a vacation and soak it all in; for they have to document everything to share with all their friends. It’s okay to admit that you are apart of the plugged in generation, honestly, everyone is.

In 2016 a poll was taken that showed that 78% of Americans were plugged into social media in some way. Whether that be through a profile, music or even a shopping site. That goes to show why you look around and everyone is texting; for if you aren’t you are now missing out on something that could be important. Even beyond the profiles, social media takeover goes into the classroom, business, and even down to the food we eat. Restaurants thrive off apps and coupons and rewards programs all tied to social media. Business has their fair share too, with adds and updates, even those working for the government can’t escape.

So how does one escape this takeover? I would say boycott it, yet I do not even know if that is possible. With every opportunity and glance there is way it ties into the world we live in. It is important to remember to unplug every once in while. If that be to delete apps for awhile or even just enjoy time with friends without picking up your phone. Knowing that it is okay if every place you went was not documented can be relieving sometimes. Living in the moment, something the world needs to learn.

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