Social Media Unites Community

This past Friday night, February 17th, a very scary and unfortunate event happened in my neighborhood from home. I am from Louisville, KY and live in a neighborhood full of loving people, amazing families, and supportive friends.

Three nights ago, I received a text from my parents saying they saw flames shooting up into the sky from half a mile down the street. I come to find out that one of these sweet neighborhood families had lost everything. Their house was up in flames for hours, had a dog run away (eventually they found her), and all they had were the clothes on their backs. Everyone from home was completely devastated.

There were tons of posts on Facebook and Nextdoor asking for prayers and offering anything to help. Thankfully, a parent posted on the app Nextdoor stating that the family’s dog had ran away from the fire, it was found within hours. A few hours after the fire, someone from the neighborhood set up a GoFundMe account and had a goal of $10,000. As of tonight, the account is up to $21,620. This would not have been possible without the support from locals, the news, and social media. The fact that our society is so invested into social media has tremendously helped support this family with ample amounts of kind words, prayers and donations. Without Nextdoor, the dog might not have been found and the word might have not been spread as quickly. With the use of Facebook, so many people have tagged the family in posts regarding their sympathy and comfort. People, including myself, have shared the GoFundMe URL to spread the word and support the family as much as possible. This would not be possible without the use of these social media sites.

Although social media has separated people from society, caused divides/ riots within our country as well as major controversy; it has helped America grow and develop in many ways. Word can spread like wildfire. This is beneficial for when people are in need as well as when people need support.

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