The Day I Forgot My Phone!

Most teenagers now in days are rarely ever seen without a smartphone device in their hand or pocket, but one treacherous day, I forgot my phone at home. Get ready, because this story is a horrific tale of what it is like to not have your phone in this day and age. Viewer discretion is advised.

One day, just like any other, I woke up to get ready for school. Unfortunately, this was the day I was running late. I was in such a hurry to get my papers, pencils, backpack, etc. together that I forgot to place my phone in my pocket before walking out of the door that day. It wasn’t until I got to school that I felt like a part of me was missing. As I looked around, I noticed that everyone was looking down at the small screen in their hands, probably tweeting, texting, and instagraming about their day so far. As I reached in my pocket to update my statuses, I felt nothing. No phone, no connection to the world around me. It was then that a deep sinking feeling grew in the bottom of my stomach. I looked around seeing people’s faces light up and laughing, but I was no longer in the loop. I was isolated from those around me.

Once class started, I was somewhat relieved, for I knew that I wouldn’t be missing out on that much, for we were all sitting down and learning. As the teacher began his lecture I started to grow bored. I once again reached for the phone that was not there. The sinking feeling grew. Without my phone, I was forced to listen to what the instructor was saying, and because my hands were so fidgety without my phone to comfort them, I decided I would write down what the teacher said as well.

When class ended, I had these wonderful things called notes in front of me. Since I didn’t have my phone to entertain me, I went over them and studied them. It wasn’t until I finally got home that I finally felt at peace. I raced to my room to grab my phone, and saw on my notifications that there was a test in my class tomorrow, Brad and Angelina broke up, and Trump was President. I was so behind, I didn’t even bother to study, I had to catch up on all the lost time.

The next day came, and I made sure to remember my phone. When I got to class I remembered I had a test. Nervous, I tried to think back to all we learned.

After class, I rushed home to see what I got on the Exam. When I looked I noticed I received an A+! I was so excited, but confused. It wasn’t until I looked down at my phone that I realized by forgetting my phone, I was able to listen and hear the review that was going on in class that day. My phone was actually distracting me from learning! From then on, I made sure to always put away my phone during class and take notes. Now I’m an A student!

The above story never happened. The moral of the story is that by getting off of your phone every now and then can hurt, but in the long run you might learn something. Respect your teachers and put up your phone for class.

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