The New Key Witness To Crime

Facebook Live was created as a platform for Facebook users to connect in a fun and engaging way. With just a tap of a button, users can broadcast what’s going on around them to connect and share experiences with other users. 100 million hours of video on FB are viewed daily and a rising number of criminals are using it as a platform. FB Live has recently become a place where death and crime is broadcasted. “Social media is the new way of bragging for those who commit crimes to gain a sense of self-power or self-importance. The audience is larger now and, perhaps, more seductive to those who are committing antisocial acts to fill personal needs of self-aggrandizement,” said media psychologist Pamela Rutledge.

Despite users being encouraged to share heartwarming life events, FB Live has built a reputation for more gruesome subjects. Users in real time are broadcasting crimes of crimes like shootings, police chases, child abuse, fights, murders, robberies and rape. Committing a crime for an audience has never been easier! Detectives love the use of FB Live despite the crime being committed because one of the first places they look for evidence is on social media. Criminal investigations have increasing included evidence from social media posts. FB Live is becoming the new key witness to crime. Luckily, FB owners are looking for ways to better police these videos of crimes that are being broadcasted.

FB is a place where I go to watch dog videos, food recipe videos, proposal videos and videos of my little cousins NOT crime and death videos. Posting videos of crime and death is not only going to get you in trouble, it’s disgusting! Younger people have grown up using cameras, taking pictures and using social media, which drives towards the problem of over sharing. Not everything you do needs to be shared on social media and it is smart to think about the consequences before you grab your phone to start filming.

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