A quick Beauty weight -loss shake

Leora Goldberg
Aug 29, 2018 · 5 min read

Hemp protein, Goat whey powder, moringa, and spirulina beauty shake.

My Idea of Balance

Balance is an ideal to strive for, while we are living our lives. Balance is synonymous for beauty, optimal health, physiological homeostasis. It is something we all strive for and can be measured by the rate of deviation from its central point of balance. The further we distance ourselves from this central point the more difficult it becomes to accomplish an efficient comeback, not to mention the fact that it is quite upsetting.

Mindfulness creates balance

Powerful ingredients to create a tasty Shake

Hemp protein powder

-is made by grinding pressed hemp seeds into a fine powder to boost protein intake. 1/4 cup of this powder contains about 15 grams of protein and for those who prefer less processed protein source-hemp is a good choice and it is easily digested. Hemp contains an ideal balance of Omega 3–6–9 while a typical western diet provides an unbalanced ratio of 15: 1, in other words, Hemp is lower in Omega 6 which improves heart health. It contains Lignananides compound that are potent antioxidants which means a better immune response, better well being. If you are looking for a glowing supple skin -put this powder into your daily shake- the omega 3 attached with oxygen and it literally illuminates your skin.

Hemp slows aging

This superfood is rich in vitamins B1-B2-B3 copper, iron, magnesium, potassium. It is an excellent quality of protein comparable to an egg, it contains all the essential amino acids we need. Its compounds help protect our body from oxidative damage caused by pollution, toxins in our foods and environment -these compounds are known to induce inflammation in the body. The hemp is known to slow aging- it contains vitamin A, Magnesium, and known to reduce blood sugar- we all want this.

Moringa Powder benefits


This super food has all 22 amino acids as such is perfect for those who are vegan. It is rich in minerals, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and copper great for hair nails and skin health. Spirulina assists in combating DNA damage as well as building a stronger immune response.

Goat Whey Protein powder

This protein is easier to digest especially for those who are lactose intolerant. this whey protein powder supports muscles recovery while developing muscles fibers. this, in turn, facilitates fat loss. it contains calcium, magnesium potassium vitamin A and C.

The shake Ingredients

1 cup of Almond milk

Hemp protein powder

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More than just Vegan

A blog for sharing lifestyle tips, anti-aging, cosmetics and more.