From fears to possibilities

Leora Goldberg
Dec 28, 2018 · 4 min read
Hope is the existence of possibilities

On the edge where the only place to grab is faith, no tangible support but just a slippery idea playing around with part of my mind like the sun rays on a cloudy day — bagging to reappear.

Oh, I have been here before, not once or twice but many times. The mind goes back to investigate the past and then nothing seems possible much like this dark evening. The earthy talk that most of us habitually converse is invading my internal chatting again threatening to destroy the land of hope, one I have cultivated for a long time.

Not ready to give up- I move my attention within in search of a different voice and sound to soothe my soul.

The enlightened talk vibrates like a timeless song- never fading away, always playing the string of emotions with its gentle touch, the one that embraces you long enough to make all fears melt away.

the healing power of music

You are never alone. We have been watching you all this time and as you can tell we are here when you need us. We urge you to stay at the moment. Start by focusing on your breath -bringing back your wandering thoughts to the present time. It is a simple practice that we have tough you awhile ago. Go ahead and bring your attention back to your breath- all it takes is a few minutes of your time. Stay with us for a moment and open your eyes -look around and see. At the present time, you are seated in a nice cafe well wrapped with a thick fur coat- the nearly zero degrees seem to disappear with each fresh breath you take.

When expanding your field of vision you capture the glimpse of today’s reality which is filled with festivities, families, and friends that have gathered to spend this time between Xmas and new year. We are aware of the fact that You chose to be alone -You are exchanging predictability for freedom. You are giving up the “known” to embark on another adventurous journey. The idea of losing your freedom for the possibility to choose to do nothing, or something is too overwhelming for you, therefore you created this moment -where you are sitting here all by yourself floating between loneliness and anticipation of the new.

As you watch the woman with her two dogs passing by your table you watch life playing in front of you, however now you are part of it -no longer lost in your fears. we applaud you for moving away from them simply by creating motion, moving your physical body from one place to another. By sitting here you are creating a different reality which opens the gate for new possibilities.

The two dogs are barking now fiercely and the woman is trying to tam them with her harsh voice- you notice her limping gat which you recognize as your next door neighbor. All of a sudden you are caught at this moment- have you noticed that a synonym for the word moment is ”present”?. Yes, we are pointing out that being at the present is a gift !. Now that you’re a fully engaged with this moment -You are no longer caught in the cage of your mind.

Fear is the invention of an unbalanced mind and we are here to heal this condition- it is completely reversible and curable- all it takes is practice: quieting the mind and then creating a flow of energy by MOTION.

Move away from your mindset which creates a pattern of thoughts in a narrow cycle -we call it “lower vibrations” because they pull your spirit down and, quite frankly they are of no use to you. In the other hand once you meditate on your breath you are being at the moment-you will recognize it through your feelings! they will offer you an internal relief that comes with a beautiful wrapping paper much like Xmas gifts.

The smell of my cappuccino is reaching my nostrils, the full aroma brings me into this next moment. A woman with her hands full of shopping bags is moving quickly heading towards the corner where I am seated. I imagine that she must be rushing home to her Greek family with last minutes food shopping. As I hold the warm cup I am aware of the shift in my mood -it is definitely heating up much like this cup.

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Leora Goldberg

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Former miss Israel, Vegan nutritionist, BSc. Harvard Journalism graduate school. Anti aging &Aesthetics Expert.

More than just Vegan

A blog for sharing lifestyle tips, anti-aging, cosmetics and more.