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Leora Goldberg
Aug 14, 2018 · 7 min read

Grapes fasting ןis simple to follow -all it takes is about 1.5–2 kilos of organic red grapes and water for further hydration.

With the excitement of starting my new Aesthetic medical tourism company came few setbacks- eating daily in restaurants and reaching for refined foods rich in sodium, hydrogenated oils, and sugars.

The result -I gained weight and gradually I felt a range of symptoms from restlessness nights, legs pain, bloating, fatigue, dull complexion, and to make things worse, I didn't fit into my favorite clothes.

One morning during my meditation, it came to me out of nowhere that I should fast on grapes -even though I never fasted on grapes before, I sensed that this was the right thing for me. Later when I researched the benefits of grapes I realized how accurate this diet is for my present condition.

So, let me share with you my experience and if you decided to go for it -you are welcome to jump in.

Signs of acidic body

When blood is acidic the blood cells stick together forming agglutination, thus diminishing the surface of proper intake of nutrients and oxygen. This pattern also causes the red blood cells to move slowly creating problems with blood circulation.

agglutination -red cells sticking together

the Grapes fasting- Benefits

The antioxidants in the grapes protect the skin from the harmful effects of the free radicals and reverse the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. Grapes contain vitamin C that is necessary for the formation of collagen, a fiber-like protein that helps retain skin elasticity and reverses aging.

The grapes are rich in Iron which help charge the body with positive energy and improves the blood circulation. it also helps repair cellular damage. The strong acids in the grapes act as antiseptic agents which rejuvenate the gum and keep our teeth healthy. It is said to cure addiction to alcohol and caffeine.

-I am looking forward to seeing how it will help me reduce my caffeine intake.

How much to eat?

Have plenty of pure water and lemons available.

Have Sodium bicarbonate powder -you will need it to wash your grapes especially if they are not organic.

It is recommended to have half a kilo three times a day- I eat when I am hungry and drink plenty of water to hydrates my body.


Drink this tonic 1–2 per day.

wait 30 minutes

Eat your Grapes meal

Take Probiotic 1–2 per day to enhance elimination

enjoy a meal every 2–3 hours

Drink lots of water -it is important to hydrate your body for easier detoxification.

Signs you are detoxing

If you are constipated I recommend 1 tsp of Flax seed oil or Olive oil.

Ending the Grapes fast -

Try drinking a large glass of water with 1/2 spoon of Sodium bicarbonate- it helps alkaline your channels of elimination through the kidneys.

on day 1 add some fruits 1–2 such as papaya or apples

on day 2 add some vegetables preferably 2–3 with lemon and some oil and continue adding each day more food.

The idea is to keep your diet clean and healthy as a lifestyle, not just a short-lived diet. Continue with your fast for as long as you wish- I recommend 5–10 days at a time. however, when coming out of the fast do it gradually. introducing each day a new food. keep it simple and as raw as possible.

My experience -Day 1

It's strange, but I am feeling that my pants are loose- is that the placebo effect ? well maybe but I certainly feel a slight difference, I am less bloated.

Day 2

Day 3

Minor pain and aches in my arm (I have an injury there).

Day 4

  • woke up feeling slightly dizzy, and at first, could not read well, once again I am familiar with that experience as- your eyes detox too, and before you see cleared it gets actually worse.
  • had a spoon of oil to get my bowels moving.
  • Need to stay positive so I am meditating more each time my negative feeling are surfacing.
  • Feel lighter — no idea how much weight I lost, will post pictures of before and after Day 8

Day 7- I am feeling hungry but energetic and yes, much lighter.

So my mind is sharper, still feeling slightly constipated, so as I advised earlier a spoon of olive oil or flax seed oil can really help.

DAY 9 -My last day

The last two days have been difficult. physically but mostly emotionally. I am feeling down and restless- some old feelings are stirring up to the surface, and the worse of all- my minds keeps working and I am having a hard time to quiet it down- even with meditation.

Sleepless, but finally fall asleep at 2 am.

My weight is down by 2 kilos and I am down 1–2 sizes on my pants which feels pretty cool.

Some of my symptoms disappear- I am breathing better and my headache is gone.

My circulation down my legs seems to improve as my digestion is clearing up/ obstruction in the digestion track may cause energy disturbance down towards the extremities (legs), as I am working with Yamuna body rolling balls, I can feel the heat releasing down from my pelvis to the lower legs. the balls are not enough- the fasting cure blockages and stagnation in the intestines- this is my greatest release.

My eyesight is getting worse -I know from experience that I need more detox to clear my vision- this is one of the reasons why I am continuing on a strict vegan diet for few more days, however, at this point, I am speculating that 1–2 weeks more -are needed.

inflammation is down- my gums feel much better.

Blood pressure back to 110/70 my normal range -down from 130/80.

My drink to cure acidic condition- help the kidneys function better and lose weight. In one glass of water place 1 tsp of sodium bicarbonate and juice from one lemon and drink.

This is for now Blessing

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A blog for sharing lifestyle tips, anti-aging, cosmetics and more.