I was lost before I found my way

Leora Goldberg
Feb 2 · 6 min read

Cosmic message

As you know we do not like to dwell on the past. We do it only once so that you can clear the dark spot and then move on. You are battling at the moment depression and anxiety, we are well aware of your feelings: lost in the darker space without the ability to see even one clear path -we recognize this sensation. Your spirit is courageous, willing to learn, evolve and be present at the moment.

You need to understand how you came about to create this pattern or as we call it a “mindset” that leads you each time back to that same spot -anxiety.

It is a state in which your body takes over your emotions and becomes the only one who communicates information -your stomach hurts, you feel numb and tired, you may be out of breath and even nauseated, at times the symptoms may become so real that you feel that you are about to die. Your focus is fully engaged, directed towards the pain and discomfort, and away from your real “problem”.

Its time indeed to clear it up once and for all -we are here to shed light on the emotional cycle created many years ago and then reorganize your mindset so that you don't have to experience it again-so lets start.

The beginning — deep reflection

Mindsets are created way back in our early childhood. As a child, you learned how to cope with your nuclear family’s reality, developing patterns and social skills. Your sensitivity was viewed as an interruption to your mom who was coping with surviving her own sad circumstances. You were all competing for love and attention, one that was not readily available at home.

As a young child, you were seeking attention, love, and touch, which was viewed as being “too demanding” in this particular family. The source of your emotional support- your mother was often detached, buttling her own depression.

You practically got the unspoken message to quiet down your voice. You learned along the way that when you don't cry or express your feelings-you are more accepted among your older sisters, so you created a subconscious pattern in order to cope with your reality.

You muted your emotional expressions wearing on a mask. You detached yourself from your own feelings pretending you were someone else.

You later started having physical symptoms that were viewed as “emergencies”-so you got the attention you were seeking through what we call manipulation. This was the birth of your psychosomatic expressions.

Masking your feelings

You carried this mindset into adulthood, never looking back at its origin.

Now as a grown up you don't need to ignore the voice any longer — we are here to teach you something you were not taught before- how to listen to your own voice with love and patience. Make yourself feel wanted, give yourself time and space to air your feelings- just be there for YOU when it is needed.

Listen, huge and don't judge- the most important thing is to listen attentively to the little voice, we are saying it again because habitually you have been ignoring the action of tunning in -to yourself. We don't blame you for that -we understand that you are simply repeating your upbringing patterns automatically and this is what we call a mindset.\

connect to your feelings

This is your chance to heal. Catch your voice through the action of meditation — listen to how you feel in certain situations- you see you are entitled not to feel comfortable. you are entitled to move on if the situation you experience is not in your favor. it can be in business or relationship. Listen to the little voice and let it guide you -it is your road map. Trust yourself -it is about time you take off this mask allowing your true feelings to shine. We are asking you to love yourself more than others -love yourself enough to take care of yourself, do you get what we are telling you?

Breaking the cycle

Let us look at your cycle — when you are in survivor mode you tend to hold into situations with desperation. You literally leave yourself. You are no longer loyal to who you are but to the person or situation you believe has the power to heal you.

When you stop hearing your own voice, you lose your freedom, and your ability to connect within. So you are practically forced to wear on a mask in order to fit in this external environment that doesn't support your own growth and well being.

Can you see how you are repeating the same pattern within which you grew as a child ?— it is familiar yet it is not a standard and healthy place to be in — That is exactly the cycle that leads to your anxiety attack when all your systems shut off -the kind of internal death you are experiencing right now.

Catch up your voice when it is still communicating -you may need in the beginning to be attentive to hear the small voice as you get better at this- your voice will grow louder and clearer. You need to relearn a new pattern -listen -accept -love otherwise your body will lead you again to the old cycle- of Panic attack and physical symptoms which you can't ignore. we offer you to outgrow this old pattern- it is time for you to leave it so that you can help others too.

Don't ignore yourself

You have the tools to heal your self -you have the tools to outgrow your painful childhood to sail away in quiet blue water. You see to avoid anxiety and getting sick you need to practice mindfulness- this is nor just a pretty word- it means — listening to yourself anytime your inner voice wants to say something -do not dismiss the voice. because this is you — how can you ignore yourself?. Break the pattern, bring love to yourself so that you can love other unconditionally. to avoid getting sick you need to catch it ahead of time. before it is being transmuted into illness.

It is possible

Just listen to your inner child with endless patience, sensitivity. Give room for this voice, even if you hear things that are uncomfortable. Don't judge, don't be angry or critical, instead be the healer who comes forth with medicine and an open heart Take time to heal, take good care of yourself- diet, exercise, and therapy if needed


Do you believe in yourself -if so get lost -literally get lost allowing inner guidance to bring you where you should be. Faith is the practice of allowing flow and becoming more intuitive. Make the change now and heal yourself from anxiety and illness- and we would like to add that praying, breathing and meditation are very helpful tools as well.

Practice focused, deep breathing & cold showers

Before parting we want to add that we are very pleased with your new routine of taking a cold and hot shower- you see for any depression -there is a chance to discover new ways to heal the body and mind. keep the cold shower they are invigorating and helpful to energize your body and create also a motion in your lymphatic system. We recommend Wim Hof technique for deep breathing which changes the PH levels of the blood making your blood less acidic and increasing the force of life within your body.

Create Motion- literally walking away from the situation in your head- Sometimes, the best way to stop anxious thoughts is to walk away from the situation. Taking some time to focus on your body and not your mind may help relieve your anxiety.

More things to do

Use a candle, Aromatherapy and a peaceful room to breath and calm your entire body- Try supplements or change your diet

Changing your diet or taking supplements is definitely a long-term strategy. Research shows certain supplements or nutrients can help anxiety reduction.

These include:

  • lemon balm
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • ashwagandha
  • green tea
  • valerian root
  • kava kava
  • Vitamin D, B complex and minerals
  • Listening to Abraham Hicks -getting into the VORTEX

You are blessed and loved to remember this

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More than just Vegan

A blog for sharing lifestyle tips, anti-aging, cosmetics and more.