To whom it may concern

We found our voice.

Say what you may about my generation, but there’s one thing you can’t take away from us; we are not afraid to speak up, to challenge the ideologies that have been held dear simply because they existed, a reality for drowning souls to grasp for dear life. Little did you know that holding on to those lifelines stopped you from learning to flap your wings and fly, my generation on the other hand, we want to fly. But first we have to let go.

Yes, we are selfish and quick to lash out at things that don’t sit right with us. We don’t pretend to be perfect. We are young; we run from commitments and fall in and out of things that don’t always make sense. It’s what we do. We may focus a lot of our energy on the wrong things at times and talk a little bit too much. But forgive us if we shout too loud, we haven’t quite gotten used to our own voices.

Let us make our mistakes. It is the only way we can grow. You preach learning from the past but how can we do that when youcontinuallycompel us to repeat it? We have seen your mistakes and we would rather take our chances with uncharted territory than relive your lives all over again. We want better for ourselves and our children. Maybe it is youthful stubbornness like you say or maybe you are just scared because you never had the guts to challenge anything.

Perhaps you just don’t understand. In your day, things had a certain way. Today, there are a million ways. Status quos are defied every day and we resent your attempts to put us in a 100 year old box. It cannot contain us, it is clearly falling apart.

Stop telling me to sacrifice my dreams and make plans to settle down ‘because I am a woman’. Stop putting me through countless degrees I will never use. Stop silencing me with religion and culture. Stop assigning me roles I don’t want to play, this is my movie and you are not the director. Cut!

Stop trying to clip my wings, I want to fly. And to do that, I must let go.

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