DIY Health: natural remedies during sinus season

By Erica Thorneburg, LMBT 00183, CEAS I

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The philosophy that our bodies have the wisdom and knowledge to know what is good for them dates back 5,000 years to India and China.

Eastern medicine is grounded in the idea that the body is equipped with its own regenerative capabilities and given the proper environment will find its own way back to balance. Today there seems to be a return to these most basic principles in what I can only describe as DIY health.

It is all about reclaiming responsibility, understanding your own body, being proactive, and utilizing healing methodologies that soothe symptoms while allowing the body to heal itself.

Now, there are quite literally thousands of natural remedies, supplements and cures out there. No matter the origin, by and large the success of natural remedies depends on the state of the body. Sometimes you have to get worse before you get better.

Put simply, if you are highly toxic, natural ANYTHING will more than likely stimulate a detoxifying response in the body before it delivers its promises of better health.

Keep this in mind before you purchase natural supplements promising an amazing health benefit.

Always do the research and compare findings to what you know about your body…this is key…all bodies respond in their uniqueness.

Ease into anything new with this awareness and you will have a better chance at experiencing the full benefit with less negative side effects.

Here are few of my favorite strategies for preventing and treating seasonal sinus related symptoms ….

Always use your best judgment, if there are any signs of bacterial infection see your doctor .

Watch for subtle changes in your body and act accordingly.

Main thing is, don’t hesitate! If you are feeling a cold coming on, double up on Vitamin C or take an Emergen-C, stay hydrated and focus on getting the rest you really need…even if that means staying home when you really want to go out.

Best case scenario: you keep the cold from taking over your life

Worst case scenario: if you do get the cold, you improve your recovery time

If you have to take medicine, be sure to… hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Taking the usual over-the-counter to relieve sinus drainage and pressure may eliminate symptoms quickly for that important meeting you just can’t miss, but you run the risk of dehydrating nasal tissues and other irritating side effects.

  • add a saline nasal spray or gel to keep internal tissues moist
  • protect outer skin of nostrils from excessive wiping with a salve (Aquaphor is my favorite)
  • sip on homemade bone broth or try Osem’s kosher chicken consomme

For preventive measures, sinus infections, colds, or even headaches —

  • try aromatherapy
Being willing to allow the body to heal itself can require extra patience. Natural remedies may not always alleviate symptoms as quickly as their allopathic counterparts.

Sometimes symptoms disappear only to resurface time and again. This may be your body trying to tell you that the real issue has not been addressed or that your dilemma may require more than natural intervention.

DIY does not mean do it alone, reach out to a professional. If you do not already have an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician, recurring issues may be the opportunity for just that.

Remember —your best health solution will always be the one that includes your full participation.

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