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Getting to know your Ad Hoc Clothing Barista

Jun 22, 2018 · 3 min read

A review by Rosalie T.

My body and style doesn’t fit what’s available 99% of the time. The styles I do prefer tend to be shaped like a box and my hips are too wide for that. I don’t want to show my belly when I raise my arms, and I don’t want the lower part of my body to look suffocated in my clothes. I’m also short, and I have a nicely round tummy.

Given that, I prefer clothes that tend to be made for people who are 3-5 inches taller than me. I don’t like wearing bras either so I need looser clothing to help with this. 😛 Lastly, I’m not a fan of things that won’t last more than a year of frequent use and can’t age gracefully. I tend to want things that I believe I can buy and love, even if they cost a bit more.

That’s what I mean when I say it’s not easy to find clothes.

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Shirt Recommendation: Ratio Clothing’s Hunter Green Monochrome Oxford

  • Current Age: 1 month
  • Queer Employees: Unknown
  • Queer Catering: Yes
  • Effort to Get: High

This is the first piece of Ratio Clothing I’ve tried, and I really enjoy it. You can see how serious Ratio Clothing is in the details, stiffness, and durability of their shirt.

I used one of the two tailored shirts I have to measure out what could be the right size shirt. They also allow you to send your first shirt back many times until the fit is right. I think it’s a little loose around the chest, but other than that, it fits great.

They recommend that you wash the shirt and wear it several times before you make a decision on the size. They do size the clothing according to what it should shrink to. At first the shirt was a bit big, but after a wash, it was perfect. They setup everything so well. Wild.

The downside to getting this shirt is that it takes a lot of effort. Hahaha. You have to have a tailored shirt or piecemeal different measurements that you think fit you. Then you make an order and wait for a month while they create it and ship it to you.

I knew I was going to have to wait several months before I could say I was settled. I was just so tired of how I looked in other clothes. I found them on a list of queer clothing brands, but Ratio doesn’t brand themselves as a queer clothing store, which I, personally, like. They’re a shirt company.

I do think it would be nicer if they changed up the pictures they have on the website a little. All of the pictures on their website are of cis men. I’m definitely going to try another one of their shirts after I save up for it.

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This was submitted as part of Morena’s 2018 Pride Month series. Morena matches people of color and underrepresented minorities with the right products. Sign up now for early access!

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