Introducing Diversify Me

It upsets me when I hear the likes of “we struggle to hire female engineers”, or “we never have minorities apply for our jobs”, when I’ve seen for myself, by making a conscious effort and push to meet these people, they are PLENTIFUL.

Ultimately, meeting a diverse range of new people should not be limited to your companies recruiting goals. Seeking to meet people of diverse backgrounds should be a personal mission to broaden your horizons and better understand perspectives that are not your own.

Knowing where to look, and being prepared to give time and energy to meeting these people is imperative, but we know this is easier said than done.

Well we we want to help change that. And that’s why we’ve created #DiversifyMe. So what is it?

Well, once a month we’ll connect you via email with someone who, on paper, is nothing like you. Someone who you’d probably never meet at random. Each new connection is hand-picked, not automated. We care deeply about each new connection we create and therefore it’s worth the effort.

With each new connection, we ask that you take the time to say hello to your new friend, and learn a bit about each other. In each email we’ll include a little introduction and an ice-breaking question or two to inspire some conversation.

What you gain from this new connection is totally up to you, but do not waste this opportunity. Be curious about each other. Don’t ask the standard questions. Be reassured that each person is here because they are open to sharing and learning.

The past 6 months for me has been a real awakening. Never have I been so acutely aware of how our surroundings, both environment and people, shape and influence our views on the world. It might not be much now, but I hope this can be the start of something that can radically change the way people look at the world.

Sign up here today:

Oh, and this service only works if we spread the word far and wide, so once you’ve signed up, please share it far and wide!