Struggled to find a picture for this piece, so here is me trying to look all reflective and stuff in Rio

What’s next? Time to wurq!

I’ve always known some day I’d build my own company. I knew it was going to be a part of my journey, but I was always just waiting for that one idea that I’d be prepared to drop everything to pursue.

Well, after over 8 years of building, launching, marketing, and selling products, as well as working with product teams, I’m ready to build one of my own.

So what on earth do I plan on building?

Well I’m not quite ready to reveal all just yet, but what I can say is it is about time someone built a professional network that was a better representation of the world of work today.

Being a professional is no longer about briefcases, vice presidents and Mont Blanc pens.

Being a professional today is about the risks you took, the things you’ve learned, the experiences you’ve had.

Being a professional is no longer about executive dinners and ‘thought leadership’.

Being a professional today is about hustling all day every day, and investing in genuine relationships with awesome people.

So today is the inception of wurq.

I hope to share more detail on my plans soon, but in the interim I’m looking for help in the form of both co-founders and advisors. I’ve already started talking to people that I know and trust to be co-founders, but I am acutely aware of almost all of them all being white and male.

I believe it is nigh on impossible to build a company diverse in culture and a product that caters to a diverse community, without the team around it being diverse in itself. Building the right team for the job is about so much more than capability.

So internet, I want your help to connect me with the most talented and inspiring women in tech, and the most talented and inspiring men and women of colour in tech, preferably in London, but certainly open to broader suggestions. There is no strict profile I am looking for, although experience in building early stage technology companies is obviously a huge plus.

If the founding team does turn out to be all white and male, I care deeply that the team of advisors supporting us is not just guiding us to build a great company and great products, but to also help us keep diversity and equality front of mind.

On all fronts, drop me an email at, or hit me up on Twitter at @carlmartin.

Now begins the exciting, shit-scary, nerve-wracking, mind-blowingly brilliant start of my journey to build a lasting company that millions of people love.

Let’s get to wurq!