Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society

Wildlife Society sponsor Dr. Cary Chevalier helps students plant trees. Photo by Chase Merwin.
  • Deer aging, where they take the teeth of locally harvested deer and record their age
  • Deer spotlighting, where they survey deer in particular areas at night using large spotlights to get counts
  • Quail counts, where they go out early in the morning and listen for quail calls to get counts
  • Otoe Creek Nature Area trail maintenance, where they maintain the walking trails on campus
  • Electro-fishing, where they go out on lakes on a boat, shock the water, and count fish
  • A field trip to the Omaha Zoo
  • Heading the Prairie Project, where they’ve planted trees and done research to transform an open field on campus into a prairie habitat



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Morgan Doyle

Convergent Journalism major at Missouri Western State University