Moving to more automagically flavoured clouds.

Our main studio site just got a uplift in it’s design as well as all our server structures.

We no longer host any(almost any) servers, but still maintaining the same and new data/API.
That include sites, apps, games, statistics and internal tools, we moved it all to AWS. The old MongoDB database layers migrated to DynamoDB where we can easily make new cool stuff without worrying about scaling and hosting.

So we moved our JS-heavy webstack based on:

  • MongoDB — for databases
  • Koa.js — For Node.js application.
  • Jade — For template rendering.
  • ES5 — For vanilla javascript.
  • Gulp — for compiling fronted application.
  • AWS EC2 — for hosting.
  • NGINX — For managing requests.
  • PM2 — Node.js app manager.

To a slimmer:

  • AWS S3 — For hosting the now static site.
  • AWS Cloudfront — for caching all the files.
  • AWS Lambda — replacing the need for a backend, we use this to generate stuff like this JSON-data.
  • AWS DynamoDB — For databases.
  • Travis — for auto deploy and cache reset together with git.
  • Webpack with ES6 & React — for frontend app and compilation.

The website part can be found here:

We are moving all our heavy work to FaaS(Function as a Service) so we can maintain productivity and keeping our workload down, that means more time for game development instead of everything around it.

We still has some grumpy old servers around for utils but does will go away soon. As with most AWS stuff figuring out the cost is the hardest part but we save a lot of server cost and time abstracting away the heavylifting and as a bonus we can easily scale our stuff automagically if the wallet is there.

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