This is my first post on Medium. Heck it’s my first post in English. It’s not my first language, so be kind and point out in comments any mistakes I have made. Today I’m starting not only my writing/blogging path but also I have started running and moving from monophasic sleep to polyphasic sleep.


What I will write about? Well for the most of time I will cover two topics: technology and productivity.


I’m a big fan of Microsoft and I’m new to this. For most of my “computer life” I had used Linux as my go to platform. Windows 8 changed everything. It was something new, something fresh and a little bit odd (the schizophrenia of the OS). I have started to sink in Microsoft ecosystem. And then I bought HTC 8S with Windows Phone. That was it. I have become MS fun and I’m proud of it. I love Satya Nadela’s Microsoft and you will definitely see many stories about different products and my thoughts about directions they taking.


I’m a productivity geek and this will be the second most frequently chosen topic of my stories. On daily basis I use some form of David Allen’s Get Things Done methodology and as I said at the beginning I’m currently developing some habits. This will be the place where I keep my thoughts about progress in those habits and different productivity techniques to make your (and mine) life better.


I have mentioned my plan to move from monophasic sleep to polyphasic. But what is polyphasic sleep? Most of us sleep every day for about 6 and more hours straight. In polyphasic sleep you divide this time in segments (core sleep) and naps.

I have decided to go with Dual Core 1. My schedule will look like this:

  • 00:00–03:30 first core sleep
  • 06:30–08:00 second core sleep
  • 16:00–20 minute nap

As you can see at every 24 hours I will sleep 5 hours 20 minutes. That’s the benefit of this kind of sleep schedule.

I hope you will like what I have to say and will be coming back for more.

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