Daily dump 06/11/2015

Another day another daily dump. Some games, some Windows and freebies. Yay.

Windows 10 build 10586

Gabe Aul announced yesterday a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build. Number has been bumped up to 10586. What’s new? Some bug fixes and one annoying thing is gone. Apparently turning down volume of whatever you where listening when notification pops out was a bug not a future. I don’t believe them, but finally it’s gone.

This build does not have watermark. You can assume that this build is candidate for public release. Same thing we saw with the first public release of Windows 10. Rumors are that Threshold 2, as this update is called, will see light on November 12.

Source: Windows Blog

Free dev stickers

If you are a developer and love some free stickers you may want to go to link in source to grab some cool one. Notifuse, as part of there promotion, will send you programming language themed sticker for free wherever in the world you are. They promise, your data won’t be used for marketing.

1. Give or sell your details to someone else.
2. Spam your email with ads.

Source: Notifuse

Fallout 4 — Launch Trailer

Four more days until Fallout 4 lunch. The stream of leaks, speculations and all of the hype is massive. To fuel it more Bethesda released yesterday lunch trailer. Here it is in all it’s glory.

NASA knows what happened to Mars atmosphere

As announced yesterday on official NASA site MAVEN mission has found clues as to what have happened to Mars atmosphere. Long time ago this planet was warm and wet environment but exposure to Solar wind and specifically burst of theme in early life of our Solar System, wiped out atmosphere into space.

We’ve seen that the atmospheric erosion increases significantly during solar storms, so we think the loss rate was much higher billions of years ago when the sun was young and more active.

Source: NASA

Leaked Backwards-Compatible Xbox One games

One of the cool new features of upcoming big Xbox One update is backward compatibility. This feature adds ability to run Xbox 360 games on a Xbox One. How it works? If you have game on disk, you have to insert it to Xbox One. It will download digital copy of this game. If it’s a digital version of game it will show up in your ready to install Games & App library. Download it and that’s all. Under hood it emulates whole Xbox 360, so in game you got familiar interface.

Liked list is in source article.

Source: Microsoft News

That’s it for today. Be sure to check tomorrow for new daily dump.

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