On the Famous Wonderveet Street

Every year on the famous Wonderveet Street

There’s a parade that sings along to a hypnotic beat!

All the Veets of Wonderveet Street play music and they cheer

That’s how it’s always been year after year!

But this street is a bit odd you could say its offbeat

It’s actually a rainbow rather than concrete!

And the people? The Veets? Well, they are strange too

Their moustaches are a rainbow-y hue!

Their heads are too large or perhaps their bodies are too small

In fact, you need a microscope to see any of them at all!

And there’s another thing that you may laugh at

They all wear a tiny little top hat!

Today is the day of the Wonderveet Street parade

And every Veet on this street sings along to the music being played!

It’s a big celebration where every Veet dances on his or her toes

They are so happy this day that the whole place glows!


Before all this there was nothing, no dancing or tones

Not even the sound of tromboning trombones!

Before all of this, the street was completely different

It was missing all the things that make it so magnificent!

And the Veets of Wonderveet Street? They were missing too

Locked up inside rather than finding something fun to do!

Except of course for Willy Widdleveet, a little Veet boy

He was looking for something to bring the street joy!

Something that will make this place happy

And he needed to make it happen snappy!

Thus he took matters into his own hands

He brainstormed some very big plans!

So lo and behold

There’s an incredible story to be told!

The story of how little Willy Widdleveet

Restored all the joy to Wonderveet Street!

One day…

Little Willy Widdleveet strolled down the street

Slowly but surely and feet by feet!

He wondered why everything was so dull and quiet

So he decided that day to start a big happy riot!

He figured something needed to be done

To make this street a whole lot more fun!

So he thought to himself and rattled his brain

He needed something to make this street loud like a train!

Then he got an idea…

The sound of an instrument will make things more upbeat

But accomplishing that will be no small feat!

So he searched here and he searched there

He searched nearly everywhere!

Lucky for you dear reader, he was in luck

He found a kazoo behind an old truck!

He picked it up and looked at it amusingly

He wanted to make it play something musically!

So he took a deep breath and blew on it curiously

Then he blew more and more furiously!

He continued to blow and tried some more

But unfortunately the results were awfully poor!

The sound that came out was like a screaming crane

The sound was so awful it caused the ears pain!

The Veet neighbors started whining and yelling

They couldn’t deal with this racket, theirs heads were swelling!

So little Willy Widdleveet sat down and began to cry

He just wanted to make the street happy oh my!

But then something happened that you’d find pretty neat

There’s somebody interesting you’re about to meet!

Illustration credit: Matt Kaufenberg

It’s Mr. Mayor Wonderveet

He’s the mayor of the whole entire street!

He walked up to little Willy Widdleveet and looked at his kazoo

Then he took out his own and he played it too!

Mr. Mayor Wonderveet showed Willy Widdleveet how to play

And the sound that they made had the neighbors singing yay!

The Veets all sang to the tune and they sang and they sang

It made them happy that all this joy came out like a bang!

One by one…

All the families of Wonderveet Street brought talents to show

The crowd of Veets began to grow and grow!

They came out singing, and dancing, and marching with cheer

They were all so happy that so much joy is now here!

They all get in line and sang the whole way

They were getting ready to march for a parade that day!

The parade stretched way, way back

They had to pile onto each other like a towering stack!


The parade began as they marched through town

And every last Veet of Wonderveet Street hopped up and down!

And they swayed to right and they swayed to the left

As each of them picked out a musical instrument to heft!

They started by marching over the bridge cheering loudly

They we’re celebrating oh so proudly!

At the front of it all was the mayor and the boy

They are the ones to thank for all of this joyous joy!

Then they made their way down the street passing city hall

Cheering for everything no matter how big or how small!

Moving side to side through each and every which way

Making music with their instruments they started to play!

Then they march on towards the street’s park

Through an entrance that looks like a great big arc!

Inside the park there was something else too

A rowdy and rambunctious zoo!

And this when things started to get manic

The animals heard all the noise and they began to panic!

The monkeys all cackled and let out a coo

While the lemurs eyes just grew and grew!

Instead of locking the animals down

The animals joined in on the parade to downtown!

As they left the park they made it onto the home stretch

Continuing to cheer adding anyone else they could fetch!

At the end of the street was a massive hill

Which turned the parade into a huge thrill!

For they all knew at the end of this street

Awaited something so incredibly sweet!

They raced down the hill speeding up the pace

There was a reason this became a big race!

At the end of Wonderveet Street, last but not least

Was the great Rainbow Cake Feast!

This cake is rare any incredibly tasty

It’s made out of a delicious pastry!

Each layer bears a color of the rainbow

It won’t last long though!

And so at the end of it all

Everyone Veet stood up tall!

As the great Mr. Mayor Wonderveet of Wonderveet Street

Gave a speech just before they could all eat…

Dear Veets of Wonderveet Street, what a magnificent day
But if it weren’t for a special someone it wouldn’t have been this way!
I want you to let out a cheer and thank this boy, little Willy Widdleveet
For restoring joy to our street!
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