If I were a rich man, ya ba dibba dabba

Lent Day 38

History repeats: Russians force Ukrainians to flee, as they did to the Jews before the Czar was overthrown.

If we’re talking about material abundance, there’s plenty of that in the world. The main problem is the wrong people are the most abundant.

Tevye, the poor Jewish milkman in “Fiddler on the Roof,” lamented that God made many poor people. That wasn’t bad, but would it disrupt things too much if there was just one more rich person?




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Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Have Typewriter-Will Travel: I’m a filmmaker & author. My book “Beyond Heart Mountain” was just released by Winter Goose Publishing www.beyondheartmountain.com

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