Pies are very confusing

This is my first attempt at a scratch apple pie crust. The experiment was a big “fail” because the pie came out more like a tart. There was enough dough to cover the bottom of the plate. It was a good formula because the crust didn’t get soggy, which I also attribute to the roue that wasn’t too runny.

By Alan O’Hashi, Morning Musing

The other day, I wrote about my first pie-baking experience. I’ve since learned that anyone can make a pie filling. The crust? Well, that’s a different story.

For my previous pie projects, I used the pre-made crusts in the aluminum pans. In the back of my mind, I think I feared failure and avoided the challenge of making a scratch crust.




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Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Have Typewriter-Will Travel: I’m a filmmaker & author. My book “Beyond Heart Mountain” was just released by Winter Goose Publishing www.beyondheartmountain.com

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