My first hospital stay

Views from Atop My Bedpan

The highlight of my first stay in the hospital was a visit by Cheyenne KFBC TV personality Sammy Skimmer. His real name was Durwood Early. He read the news, did the weather, and hosted a daily after-school program. He made the rounds while I was there and autographed a photo for me.

By Alan O’Hashi, Morning Musing

If I aspired to make something of myself when I grew up, it would have been the shortstop for the New York Yankees. My quest to meet that goal began as a player in the Cheyenne Little League.

An injury cut my baseball career short.




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Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Have Typewriter-Will Travel: I’m a filmmaker & author. My book “Beyond Heart Mountain” was just released by Winter Goose Publishing

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